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How to Install Car Mat

Installing of Ottoman car mat is rather easy. All you need to do is just take out your existing carpet and then replace with the new one. That’s it!

How to Place the Car Floor Mat Inside Your Car

1. Take out all the car mats from the packing parcel.

2. Lay them on the floor first and make sure you identify the mat for driver seat, passenger, second row, or third row.

3. Take off all your existing carpets from your car.

4. Check the mat placement along the pedals and the floor for each carpet. It is important for you to make sure that the carpet is not blocking the gas cover trigger or brake pedals. They need to be able to move freely without having any clash with the mats.

5. You may try to adjust the seat back and forth, sliding them along the track rails. Make sure the seats can be slided smoothly without having the mats stucked in between.

6. If the mat is not fitting well on the car floor, you may slightly pull and push the carpet back and forth, it has certain flexibility that you can have them fit well on your car floor by simply doing a little adjustment.

Nonetheless, if you still having no idea on how to put them on the floor of your car, you may simply refer to this video tutorial where there is clear demonstration on how to take off old carpet and replace with new one.

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