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Honda All Weather Ottoman Floor Mats

Honda all weather floor mats serve a dual purpose – they keep the interior of your car from being damaged by anything that you drag in or spill and they also make your car interior look better.

honda brv car carpet
Honda BRV car carpet

The floor mat market is quite developed and growing, with a few manufacturers already established as the leaders in the field, you can be spoiled by the choices that you have.

Get A Quality Car Mat for Your Honda Car

The original Honda all weather floor mats may come with the logo embroidered on them and will go well with your new vehicle; however, if you need heavy-duty mats, then you might consider replacing them with a set of all weather Ottoman carpet mats. These mats are made of top quality PU foam, which is extremely durable and your mats will last for years, no matter how much dirt, slush, snow and mud you bring in.

The all weather Ottoman car mats will also not bend, curl, or tear and most of the leading manufacturers will give you anywhere from three months to 1 year guarantee as long as you don’t damage the mats by spilling gasoline, acid or any similar liquid on them.

The Honda all weather floor mats can be purchased from our factory or ordered online. We allow you to contact us and place order directly from us and get the mat of your car done in between a week. If you are living out of KL area, we can deliver them to your home in just a few days.

These heavy-duty all weather Ottoman floor mats usually come in three colors – black, red and brown and have ridges that keep all the dirt and debris trapped on the mat. Most of them have either anchoring system or design that prevents them from shifting.

Honda car mat
Honda car mat

If you need more luxurious look or want custom Honda all weather floor mats, then you will have to consider purchasing carpet mats from other suppliers. They come in many different colors, some dealers will allow you to choose from a few custom options like custom embroidery, logo, etc. However, these mats are generally a bit more difficult to clean and not suitable for places with really harsh weather.

Honda City car mat

PU Foam Carpet Mat from Ottoman

The Honda all weather car mats (genuine Honda mats) also come in two flavors – carpet and PU foam, and when you buy your brand new Honda from your dealers, it is a good idea to try to negotiate a full set of front and back floor mats. The original car mats not only fit perfectly and have the Honda logo, but many claim that they considerably reduce road noise too.

Honda HRV car mat

Well, regardless if that is true or just a wishful thinking, they most certainly keep your car interior from being damaged and you will no longer have to worry about nasty stains, holes and tears on your floor carpeting.

The Honda all weather floor mats are reasonably priced and are by far one of the most useful accessories that money can buy!

You can refer to Honda Videos to see more carpet videos that implement on different model of Honda cars.

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