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Custom Car Floor Mats

You might think it is simplicity itself to make custom car floor mats, but this has to be done properly. They have to fit the space exactly so that they are not in danger of slipping around and getting onto your accelerator or brake pedals.

custom car floor mat
custom car floor mat

This situation could prove to be quite dangerous.

Usually you can choose from 40 ounce for a regular mat or 70 ounce for something more luxurious and high density.

Various Consideration For You Before Buying the Car Floor Mats

The main material is strengthened to make it more resistant to wear and tear, plus stain resistant. The back of the mat should have a thick nibbed covering.

A lot of these car mats have rubber or vinyl heel pads which cut down wear from shoe or boot heels.

As well as carpet floor mats you can have clear vinyl which could be put directly onto the main floor covering or even on top of the extra carpet mat for whenever the weather or conditions are extra dirty or wet.

Sometimes you might find that the floor mats that you buy are actually better quality than the floor covering that came with the car. The reason for this could be cost the car manufacturer always has to consider cost therefore, they could have cut a few corners cost-wise with the carpeting.

Rubber mats are always very useful especially if you expect to be motoring in wet and dirty conditions, or if you are likely to be visiting premises that have dirty parking areas.

Different Types of Carpet For Cars

Rubber mats, like the vinyl, can simply be lifted out and hosed off to get rid of grit, mud and any other dirt which has collected on the mat.

rubber car mat
rubber car mat

These mats are made especially rugged with deep grooves and containment areas for holding any water and not letting it spill over onto your carpeting.

A lot of manufacturers include anchoring systems on front mats which is good news because this means that these carpets are going to stay right where they should, no slipping and sliding about.

With the help of computer software it is possible for custom fit car floor mats manufacturers to provide thousands of custom mat patterns.

PU Foam Mats

Lately, the most trendy one would be the PU foam car mats. This type of mat is made from polyurethane and they are being widely accepted due to its waterproof features.

Honda floor mats
Honda floor mats

It is possible also to have your company logo embroidered on and this is good free advertising for your company. Plus, the logo will add just that touch of class to your set of mats. They are going to stand out from the regular style.

A good place to do your looking is go online by searching on Malaysia websites like this one. You are going to see thousands of different suppliers and be able to look at their products.

floor mats for Alphard
floor mats for Alphard

Obviously there will be styles common to a number of suppliers, but there certainly are a great number for you to look at before you decide exactly which type is suitable for your needs.

You can compare prices and deals of different car mat that you like. There are discount suppliers where you just might be able to get yourself a really good buy.

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  1. Looking for carpet floor mat for BMW 730iL 2014, kindly advice the price for PU or normal 20mm thick material.

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