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September 21, 2017
Vintage Alza Brown

Vintage Series – Basic Base Car Mat

We are released the Vintage Series of Ottoman car mat that is suit for those who are looking for simple base car mat for the floor of their cars. Prices: West Malaysia 2 rows: RM188 3 rows: RM238 East Malaysia 2 rows: RM218 3 rows: RM268
September 9, 2017

Mengenali Beberapa Aksesori Kereta Biasa Untuk Kereta Anda

Aksesori kereta boleh dibahagikan terutamanya kepada aksesori kereta dalaman dan aksesori kereta luaran. Aksesori seperti kusyen tempat duduk, stereng, karpet lantai kereta, tingkap tinted boleh dikategorikan di bawah aksesori kereta dalaman manakala lampu, rims, tayar, bumper dan sebagainya boleh dikatergori bawah kategori kereta aksesori luaran. Membuat Perbelanjaan Yang Cemat Untuk Aksesori Kereta Anda Anda boleh berbelanja atau melabur seberapa banyak yang mampu untuk menjadikan kereta anda selesa dan glamor. Apabila anda membeli kereta dari bilik pameran, tempat pertama yang perlu anda lawati adalah kedai aksesori kereta. Sesetengah pelanggan cuma suka membeli aksesori asli dari bilik pameran kereta selepas beli kereta; […]
September 4, 2017
Honda car mat

Honda All Weather Ottoman Floor Mats

Honda all weather floor mats serve a dual purpose – they keep the interior of your car from being damaged by anything that you drag in or spill and they also make your car interior look better. The floor mat market is quite developed and growing, with a few manufacturers already established as the leaders in the field, you can be spoiled by the choices that you have. Get A Quality Car Mat for Your Honda Car The original Honda all weather floor mats may come with the logo embroidered on them and will go well with your new vehicle; […]
September 4, 2017
rubber floor mat

Rubber Mat Uses and Benefits

Rubber mats are a very functional item for the home and the car. They can prevent injuries from slipping, and can be of great use to prevent accidents and falls. It’s also physically beneficial have something flexible under your feet, particularly if you need to drive for long periods of time. An example would be at the driver seat or at the passenger seat where a person sits a great deal. They may not so good to use during raining day because when the water gets on the mat, some may penetrate into the floor of the car even the […]
August 30, 2017
Proton Inspira

Various Proton Car Rug For You

Proton Ispira Proton Iriz Proton Ispira
August 22, 2017
Mercedes Benz GLE 250

Mercedes Benz Moulded Car Carpets

Mercedes Floor Mats One reason why its so nice to step on a Benz carpetting Get floored with the protecting prowess of the Mercedes Floor Mat made with super-strong rubber construction with raised edges to fend-off mud, gunk, water, oil and other eyesore of elements that may penetrate the inside of the Benz. Cleanliness is a factor in order to have a comfortable and enjoyable ride. In maintaining the interior cleanliness the Mercedes floor mat can be a great tool in achieving this purpose. Indeed, the maintenance of your vehicle’s cleanliness is a tough job most especially during winter and […]